Demar P.W. was established in 1978 with domestic capital only. Thanks to long standing experience, the development of new technologies and passion for creating our new products we won recognition among most demanding clients from Poland as well as from the entire world. Productive capacities of all Demar factories enable to produce more than 2,5 million pairs of shoes a year.

Being the only company on the domestic market with such technological potential and specialist knowledge Demar has been chosen to introduce new footwear designs for the Polish Army. Yearly Demar provides both the Polish Army and foreign military services with a few hundred thousand pairs of shoes. Most of the footwear is assembled with direct injection technology (the most durable joint between the sole and the upper). The footwear is also fit with modern membrane OutDryTM. We use our experience, gained at complex military footwear, to produce footwear of the highest quality.

Demar P.W. produces:

  • professional hunting, fishing and forestry footwear
  • professional protective footwear for industry
  • rubber boots and snow-boots for children – KIDS Demar.
  • leisure and recreation footwear - HOBBY Demar.

We hope our products will come up to your expectations. We encourage You to visit our website to familiarize with the offer.