Demar Waterproof system is a modern solution thanks to which footwear is completely waterproof. Best quality waterproof leather (nubuck) was used in the boot-tops, and the inside of the footwear is made of waterproof and vapour permeable membrane. It is a polytetrafluoroethylene membrane (PTFE), laminated and reinforced with spacer fabric (polyamide), which is used as the lining. This combination is characterized by a very well hygienic parameters and durability.



Air Comfort Plus type GRI PRO shoe inserts (pair)
a multi-layer shoe lining (insert) ensuring comfort of use. To ensure suitable thermal insulation EVA material has been used in the lining, while a special gel pad (PU) guarantees a perfect shock absorption (the so-called “ANTISHOCK effect”)

tech logo corduraRESISTANT MATERIAL


Cordura is a fabric of unique resistance to any weather conditions, which does not lose its perfect durability parameters, keeping them unaffected by wear and tear.



Thinsulate is a state-of-the-art thermal insulation material from 3M brand. It has high thermal insulation properties thanks to which the efficiency of maintaining heat inside a shoe is twice higher than in the use of thermal insulation materials from other manufacturers.

tech logo vibramVIBRAM



VIBRAM soles are characterized by good surface adhesion, shock absorption and high wear resistance. The solutions applied in them, such as self-cleaning grooves, rotating areas and anti-slip surfaces guarantee comfort and safety.



A membrane is a technologically advanced, specially designed material used in many branches of the economy, particularly in the leather and textile industry. We wear clothes which contain membranes, we walk in shoes with a membrane as well as live in houses in which, in the process of construction this versatile material is also used.


What is antistatics and what is it used for? Why are shoes waterproof? Do shoes have toe hats or toe caps? If I step on a nail, will I hurt my foot? Can I go hiking in my ankle boots? We will try to answer these and other questions in the “Innovative technologies” section.



Technological descriptions of plastics for galoshes and overshoes

PVC plastic, free of phthalates – it is a plastic used for the production of galoshes and wellingtons,completely harmless in contact with human skin. The same type of plastic is used in ...



Demar P.W. was established in 1978 with domestic capital only. Thanks to long standing experience, the development of new technologies and passion for creating our new products we won recognition among most demanding clients from Poland as well as from the entire world. Productive capacities of all Demar factories enable to produce more than 2,5 million pairs of shoes a year.